Goals for 2018

I recently read an article that stated only 8% of people who set New Years Resolutions actually achieve their goal and 75% of people give up on their goal by the end of the first week.

While this might sound grim, we still find that people who set a goal are 10 times more likley to attain that goal than people who do not explicitly set goals.

Start by setting SPECIFIC goals, that you can MEASURE your progress on, that are ATTAINABLE and REALISTIC, and set a TIMEFRAME.

What does this have to do with my practice?

2018 will be my first full year in practice on my own and I am setting a goal to have at least 3 complimentary meetings per month with clients about how estate planning can benefit them and their family.  So if you have never discussed estate planning, whether you are single, married, partnered, with children, without children, blended families, contact me to schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your needs.  I can meet with you during convenient hours at your home or we can arrange a meeting by FaceTime/Skype.

Happy New Year!  Cheers!

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