“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”-B. Franklin

All too often people contact an attorney after a legal problem arises.  Retaining an attorney as soon as you start to consider purchasing a home or any time you have a life event that may affect your estate planning needs can help you to avoid the undue stress and expense of of trying to undo “DIY” representation. Because of the fast paced world that we live it, it is helpful to have an attorney whom you already know and trust before you are under the pressure of needing to retain an attorney.  I welcome prospective clients to contact my office for a complimentary consultation.

Most people will not need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney or medical malpractice attorney during their life time, but many will need an attorney to assist with the purchase or sale of a home and everyone can benefit from estate planning and sadly will need guidance when a loved one passes away.

Estate planning is beneficial to individuals with a wide range of financial situations, not just the wealthy.  In fact, estate planning may be more important if you have a modest estate as it may have a greater impact on your loved ones.

Real estate transactions can be one of the more exciting and stressful experiences of your life.  It truly does take a team, including a Realtor, lender, and attorney, to make the transaction go smoothly and keep a transaction on track when problems arise.

I bring to my clients over 15 years of experience in estate planning, real estate transactions, title insurance, and other associated practice areas. I take pride in being able to provide my clients with individualized attention and communicating complex matters in plain English.

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